Christian Phone & Video Coaching

Making coaching more convenient for you

Coaching & Counseling

Want to learn more details about Christian Convergence Therapy and the foundations of our approach to counseling and coaching? Watch our detailed video about how we help you tackle your problems and reach your goals. Find Freedom in the truth.

Angie Ford

  • licensed counselor
  • mother
  • life coach


Chris Mishler

Chris Mishler

  • pastor
  • team builder
  • life coach
Brent Henderson

Brent Henderson

  • men’s ministry pastor
  • adventure seeker
  • life coach



save your time

Save Your Time

No need to drive to an office. Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches and they will call you at a set time.



We charge our coaching session fee through the square register app. We do not accept cash or checks for non-local clients.

e coaching

E- Coaching

E- Coaching is a great way to have coaching at your convenience. We want to help you reach your goals wherever you are.

Clear Communication

Sometimes communicating is difficult and that’s why we take away the pressure of sitting down face to face.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

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