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Making counseling more convenient for you

Christian Convergence Therapy

Want to learn more details about Christian Convergence Therapy and the foundations of our approach to counseling? Watch our detailed video of how we work to find the root of your problem and get your life back on track.
Lisa Pay

Lisa Pay

LCSW Identity, Sexuality, Addiction

Carlyn Smith

Carlyn Smith M.A.

Clinical Addictions Counseling

Angie Ford

Angie Ford

LMFTA Marriage & Family

Janna Kinner

Janna Kinner

LCSW Kids, Teens, Parents, Behavioral Issues

save your time

Save Your Time

No need to drive to an office or sit in a waiting room. Schedule an appointment with one of our counselors and they will call you at a set time, making it easier for those with a tight schedule.

Self Pay

We accept self pay only for all phone and video counseling. We do not accept insurance for these services. We charge our counseling fee through the square register app.
e counseling

E- Counseling

E- Counseling is a great way to have counseling at your convenience and to keep it discreet. It’s hard to take that first step to get help and e-therapy is a great place to start.

Clear Communication

Sometimes communicating is difficult and that’s why talking on the phone without the pressure of sitting down face to face takes away the physical barriers of social anxiety.

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