dangerous men_croppedDangerous for Good

“When a man knows who he is in Christ, that he is created in the image of God, is no longer held captive by the opinions of others or cares whether he lives or dies… he is extremely dangerous. Dangerous for good! -Brent Henderson

Ordained Pastor, Professional Musician and Outdoorsman, Brent Henderson, has a passion for Men’s Ministry and believes one of the greatest ways to create great leaders is through discipleship training. Each conference focuses on helping men find a real way to deal with the struggles that come their way and find the path to freedom that allows them to live with God in the present.

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Having spoken to over tens of thousands of men about the integration of the Word into their lives, Henderson delivers relevant and solidly founded truth, using a method that allows men to discover and experience God’s will daily. Appropriately named “Dangerous Minds”, his strategies will teach your men how to be, “Dangerous for Good”. His ministry is not only about empowering the believer, but also a powerful tool to save the lost. The “Seven Steps to Freedom” is the scaffolding behind the engine that drives this Truth message. The heart of his teaching is based on incorporating God’s Word into life’s circumstances. It’s based on the concept of “renewing your mind” through scripture by applying, T.E.A., a principle developed by Derek Wilder, author of the book “Minds on Fire” and “Freedom”, aimed at transforming Thoughts, Emotions and Actions by the renewing of our mind.
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Would you like Freedom from:

  • Other People’s Opinions
  • Failure
  • The Need to Perform for Your Worth
  • Wanting What You Don’t Have
  • Past and Future Thinking
  • Difficult Circumstances
  • The Need to Fix and Control Others

During this transformational men’s weekend you will discover:

  • Who You Really Are in Christ
  • Where Your True Worth Comes From
  • How to Discern Between the Enemies Lies and God’s Truth,
  • How to Take Your Spiritual Temperature
  • How to Transform Unhealthy Thoughts into Healthy Thoughts
  • How Challenges Are Gifts