There are so many available resources on the Lives Transforming site it can be a little overwhelming at first. Below is a step by step guide that gives you a chronological order of learning allowing you to easily integrate the Transformational concepts into your life.

STEP 1: Minds On Fire is the book that lays the foundation for Freedom. So this is the one you want to read first. You can get a FREE copy of Minds On Fire by signing up under the orange arrow to the right.

STEP 2: There are two video series that go alongside the Minds On Fire book. They both have 5 short videos in the playlist and the links are below. Watch these in conjunction with the Minds On Fire book.

STEP 3: Once you have absorbed the Minds On Fire information, the next best place to go is to download the Lives Transforming Worksheets at the link below. I would print off both of them. One is a blank copy for you to complete and the other one is an example that is very helpful working through your thought and belief distortions. 

STEP 4: Once familiar with the Lives Transforming Worksheets then you could check out a few of the Lives Transforming “Live” Webinars if you would like. These provide some real life discussions regarding how to practically integrate the concepts you’ve learned so far and introduce you to the beliefs discussed in the FREEDOM book.

STEP 5: Now you are ready for the Freedom book! The Freedom book gives you real life examples of how God’s Truths that you’ve been introduced to are integrated in real life situations. It also gives you a glimpse into how to disciple others (by allowing my role in the book to model for you). The FREEDOM book can be obtained by clicking the link below. You can also watch the FREEDOM Video training that corresponds to each chapter of the FREEDOM book by clicking the videos under the GAP menu.

STEP 6: Once you get through the Freedom book you are ready to get your hands around Freedom Communities and facilitating and discipling others through God’s Love and Truth! There are a number of Freedom Community Resources available including 8 week training programs. You can see a sample of the training by clicking under the FC (Freedom Community) menu.

Bonus Training: One of my favorite resources is a 24 part series that Lives Transforming, in conjunction with Life Stream Ministries, that walks you through the entire Bible in light of God’s grace.