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discovering your worth - Discovering Your WorthI consider the “Discovering Your Worth” series the most important and impacting message….period. When we understand that our value and worth does not come from the opinion of others or how well we perform.  But instead, our value comes from the God of the universe living inside of us, well…it changes everything.

Segment 1: Discovering Your Worth

Imagine a life where other people’s opinions and your level of performance did not have the power to dictate how you feel about yourself.  Derek Wilder from Lives Transforming attacks this challenge head freeing you from this tyranny.

Segment 2: Body, Soul, Spirit

We are born with more than just a body and a mind.  In this video you learn where our real identity exists.  Low self-esteem and low self-worth are now gone…forever.

Segment 3: Righteous…Really?

“Why am I a Christian” may seem like a simple question.  But if you imagine for a moment there is no heaven or hell the question gets a little more difficult.  Lives Transforming attacks these questions and the result packs a powerful punch.

Segment 4: My Story

It’s hard to believe that we are good enough when we DO so many stupid things.  But God makes us a promise that frees us from having to do good or look good in order to feel good about ourselves.  This message of hope truly transforms.

Segment 5: Now What?

If I’m already good enough won’t I fall on my face?  Won’t I sin more? Don’t I need laws to follow to keep me in line so I will DO better?  Tough questions…with life changing answers.