Freedom Missions

Travis Lawyer

Travis Lawyer

Who Started Freedom Missions?

Freedom Missions began with Travis Lawyer, a native Indiana Hoosier from a small town, who felt a call far from home. After years of believing God was calling him to missions, he finally took the leap of faith and moved his family to Honduras. They sold their home and their three children left behind their friends and the comforts of their normal life to join together as a family to try and make a true change in the lives of the people of Honduras.

Why Honduras?

While on a cruise with his family they did their own tour of Honduras, wanting to try something besides the normal excursions and they were surprised to find rampant poverty, crime, and unemployment. It wasn’t until a few months later that Travis’ wife realized they had found their call to missions in Honduras. Travis wasted no time getting in contact with missionaries down there to make a visit and check things out himself before making the big move from Indiana to Honduras.

Where are they Now?

Travis and his family have returned from Honduras. They now love in Indiana again where they use the relationships and programs they formed to remotely help the people they once called their neighbors. Travis plans to return  a few times a year to check on the progress of the people and what he put in place to help them break the cycle of poverty.

Lives Transforming is proud to partner with Travis and his family and we invite you to find ways that you can help.

How Can I Help?