Thought Life and Spiritual Growth focuses on spiritual development by  utilizing cognitive theory and spiritual principles to inform one’s interpersonal and professional growth. This accredited course was created by Lives Transforming ministries in partnership with Anderson University with an emphasis on forming our identity apart from outside influences such as performance, opinion of others, entitlement, and past and future circumstances. Focus on facilitating self-discovery to support spiritual formation of others will be paramount.

Cognitive restructuring may be useful in facilitating change in an individual’s functioning, but real change requires spiritual transformation. This course will present a convergence model of cognitive precepts and Christian spiritual principles that can be utilized in such transformation. A theoretical context will be provided and experiential techniques will be modeled for application.

Thought Life and Spiritual Growth is of particular value in preparing persons to work in the areas of social work, family science, sociology, theology, Christian Ministries, youth leadership/ development, health related fields, psychology, and business management. It is considered a valuable elective course as it provides information for personal introspection, healthy decision making, and training in assisting individuals in this important area of life.


The following objectives are offered: 

1. Students will be able to recognize basic constructs of cognitive theory and cognitive theory techniques.

2. Students will operate within a framework of the self based on Christian spiritual principles for class role plays and assignments.

3. Students will display knowledge of the convergence of cognitive theory with Christian precepts of self.

4. Students will actualize a cognitive/spiritual process that can be applied personally and professionally to discern and respond to thoughts and emotions.

Find out how your spiritual development will be revolutionized by this course by contacting Lisa Pay at ldpay@anderson.edu


Anonymous feedback based on end of course reviews…

  • This class is a life−changing class that gives you the opportunity to dig deep in both spiritual and self−understanding.
  • I felt like my spiritual life thrived while taking this course.
  • I have spiritual disciplines that I can implement into my life for a lifetime. Excellent and much needed course for those who wish to deepen their faith and apply it to therapy.
  • I honestly think that this is a class that every student should have to take. It has impacted me so much, not only in an educational way, but in my life as well. I am so thankful that I was able to take this course.
  • This class is very different from other courses I have taken, and I have been able to gain a great deal of self−awareness and have experienced much growth from this course material. Overall, I really enjoyed this class!
  • This class is unlike any class I have previously taken. It required much more reading than other classes (due to the amount of books, as well). It is a class that will challenge you and push you in almost every area of your life. It is applicable to day−to−day life, not just professional development.
  • I have learned more from this class than most other classes I have taken. I truly believe that I uncovered truth in this class that I had never before known and will always remember and use throughout my life. This class has produced monumental change in my thought and spiritual life and I will never be the same. I strongly feel that this class should continue, and if possible be available to more students. Thanks Lisa for making this possible here at AU!
  • This class is VERY beneficial! Many AU students, if not all, should take this course.
  • This class was the best class I have taken at AU over the past 4 years. This class has revolutionized the way that I think and approach my relationships.
  • This course is really tough because it requires so much application to real life situations. This class was excellent and the instructor made an incredible difference in delivering the content. Lisa Pay is able is connect with her students very well.
  • Overall I thought this course was very beneficial not only to my academic but personal life. I think this course should be required to every student at Anderson University because of all it offers to students. It allows students to receive a better understanding of who they are and also how to process negative thoughts and transform them in to positive thoughts. The only down side would be that this course requires a lot of outside work that is significant to the content of the class. You will gain from this class from the amount of work you put into it. But I would highly suggest this course to anyone.
  • I have gained more knowledge in this course than in any other course at this University. It is invaluable and i encourage all my friends to take it. Lisa Pay is an amazing human being who truly cares for her students and fosters an extremely comfortable classroom.
  • This class taught me one of the most valuable things I won’t gain from anywhere else. It taught me that my self−worth is not based on my performance as an individual or how others’ perceive me, but through Christ, and Christ alone.